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Patrick Magee studies U.S. grand strategy and strategic forecasting. He received a Ph.D. in International Studies from the Graduate Programs in International Studies at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. He holds an M.A. from the same program and a B.A. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

Selected Publications


Biographical Profiles of the House Armed Service Committee and Senate Appropriations Committee. The Almanac of the Unelected, 17th, 18th, and 19th eds. Bernan Press, 2004 - 2006.

A Proto-Theoretical Approach to Analysis, International Studies Association - South Annual Conference, 2005, available online at http://www6.miami.edu/maia/ISAS05/papers/Patrick_Magee.pdf.

Grand Strategy Analysis: A Proto-Theoretical Approach. Old Dominion University, 2005.

The United Nations: Evolving to Meet New Requirements. Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: International Organizations and the 21st Century, 2000.

with James D. Medler, Operation Purple Dawn Officer Training Scenario, vol. 1-3. National Defense University's Joint Forces Staff College, 1997.

Patrick Magee


Grand Strategy